Water conservation Project is vital. We need to know the Water Conservation Model. A Science Project on Water Conservation can be fun at home. Plus water conservation science project can be fun for kids also. So how to conserve water at home. Be it Rain water conservation / Rain water harvesting or conserving water at home through simple jobs. Water conservation ideas are cool. Importance of Water conservation and thoughts is need of the hour. Drinking water crisis all around the world. Waste water management is definitely on. Considering the soaring water crisis globally, as people it is our obligation to try and conserve water and suppress waste in any way possible. How many of us even knew that in the aftermath of having clean drinking water we’re wasting water in volumes unfathomable? If you have RO water purifier system installed at your home to get safe drinking water for your family, you are actually wasting a couple tons of drinking water every day. But this simple DIY (Do it Yourself) Project can help un conserve the water lost by RO Water Purifier and use it for other household chores, thus conserving water for efficiently using it afterwards. Please watch the movie and give it a thumbs IP if you really find this helpful. There’s a large world fresh water crisis all over!

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