Our competition winner, Lisa O., has been to the Xeriscape demonstration garden and the local greenhouse to look at plant materials. The next significant step is a visit to a landscape stuff provider – believe paver businesses, stone yards, positions offering great collections of hardscape materials. Hardscapes contain any non-plant characteristics, including sculptures, seats, flagstone walks, patios, boulders, and more. They can help reduce your water consumption and add visual appeal to your landscape. Selecting hardscape is an excellent choice to putting water-parched grass. You can even use hardscape to steer the flow of rainwater to water your plants, which is another simple water-saving measure.

In this video, Episode 6 of the 10-part show, Lisa meets with Blaine Mugleston from Integrated Landscape Management (her landscape contractor) to discuss granite and paver choice. They visit with Marty Monroy, general manager of Cutting Edge Curbing Sand & Stone, to see the vast collection of stuff he’s accessible. Hardscaping choices are almost limitless, but the price of labour and materials can accumulate fast, so it’s significant to understand your budget before you see with the landscape stuff provider.

For more helpful advice about selecting your hardscape stuff, read the complete website -hardscape-preserve-water-landscape-part-6-10/

If you missed Parts 1 through 5 of our collection, see our Drab to Fab page at wateruseitwisely.com/drabtofab to meet with our victor and see as she starts the procedures of transforming her yard from Drab to Fantastic!

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