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Industry and commerce use vast amounts of water and in some parts of the world water is becoming a scarce commodity. We need to take more care in our future use of water, and this book is a ‘best practice’ guide for commercial and industrial users world-wide. It features a practical account of the measures that may be taken to re-educate commercial and industrial customers in the techniques of water saving and re-use anywhere on earth. The fundamentals are covered in detail and supported by examples from particular industries and business operations. Writer Mohan Seneviratne is Manager of Sydney Water’s ‘every Drop Counts Business Program’, which won the prestigious 2006 Stockholm Industry Water Award in recognition of how the utility is working in partnership with business, government and industry to help ensure the long-term sustainability of Sydneys water distribution. * The first book to cover water conservation for industrial customers from processing plants to pubs and clubs* Provides practical advice on implementing water conservation for users in different industry sectors* Written by a practicing water conservation consultant

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