How to Make a Thermos: A Bottle in Bottle Solar Water Heater & Insulated Hot Water Bottle w/ Bottles

A water bottle or thermos is essential for hiking, camping, and commuting. It’s a good way to heat up lunch or to keep your morning coffee hot. Watch this DIY thermos video about water bottle insulators that are homemade to learn how to make insulated water bottles and a thermos that is solar from old plastic and metallic water bottles.

This solar water heater uses layers of warm water bottles to trap heated air around a central insulated water bottle heater. Given sunlight, this heap of bottles will not just function as a homemade insulated water bottle which can maintain a temperature, but may be a DIY solar water heater. Temperatures can rise high, the DIY thermos is left on a car dash or includes a colored bottle especially if — the water bottle insulator may be a homemade solar water heater that is plain softener, or a makeshift soup cooker. The end of the video also has a couple of hints of how to create thermos bottles (homemade) better.

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