LPG gas too. Many water heaters are gas heater. Also if we join the kitchen water tap we can get ho good that you did and helps to talk about a few points of improvement. The use of transparent bottles does not help to have the water absorb much heat. It is much better to paint them black. Just like the difference in temperature rise will be at least about 25 degrees Celsius wouldn’t rust the bottom of the bottle with black paper be greater than aluminum foil? The black newspaper will absorb the heat, but the aluminum reflects it right back out. Ot only electricity but we can save LPG gas too. Many water heaters are gas heater. Even if we connect the kitchen tap we can get hot water back from the array of bottles hence cooking will be quicker means save LPG am thinking now to paint a water tank with black shade and connct it to supply the boiler to reduce electric power used to heat water cover another tank to protect from heat of sun Great idea, but I was always told not to leave bottled water in sunlight because it begins breaking down the plastic and leaching to the water.
Sing glass is much better way to do this project. Steer clear of plastics as far as possible. Especially when being heated to high temperatures and coming in contact with anything you are going to be ingesting. Vinyl certainly does affect human healt hat claim, “sunlight gives earth more energy in 1 hour that most of us use in 1 year” (approx) — have you any reference for this info please? Cheers स्वीडन दुनिया का पहला केश-लेस देश बना है। हाल में यहाँ मात्र 3 percent लोग केश से ट्रांसेक्शन कर है। uminium foil and hole in the cap are just unnecessary. Better result you can achieve using ordinary, close bottle with water inside olar hot water systems produce clean, energy. A single hot water system can cancel the equivalent of approximately 40% of the carbon dioxide emissions of a modern passenger car. They’re safe for our environment, safe for plants, safe for animals and safe for all of us. Get started on your DIY project now at ou have to do better than 1 hour. The heating time should be just 20 mins or less. Can you use some kind of system of lenses to concentrate the sunlight on the bottle for more concentration volunteer to redo the text of your narration. It wouldn’t be ideal, but it sure would not be the nonsense that is showing, I assume because a computerized transcription program didn’t know the words said The only thing is that one Must repeat this system twice a year since those bottles disintegrate from the UV rays,
I use an old water heater striped bare from the insulation and painted black mounted somewhere overhead on a shed on my property,and once a year a have to change Good but useless. Why a person need hot water when it’s already hot weather? If it can be possible through sunlight you may convert to cold water that would be a great idea mazing video . . Great work. . And will you plz suggest me how to arrange those bottles which you’ve shown it in the end of the video. . your help will be greatly appreciated