Paul, the owner of this house, reveals us the Solar Thermal Panels that warm the water in the house, and the Photovoltaic (PV) Panels that electricity the house. The US is behind other states, in regards to using Solar Thermal panels. As Paul says, when you go to other states including Israel, Turkey and Japan, you see panoramas of houses with Solar Thermal panels. Yet here in the US Natural Gas 80% burn Efficient Water Heaters that have emission levels equivalent to that of a ’55 Chevy.

The Solar Thermal panels on this house were installed on the roof of the primary house and supply hot water for all national demands. The Solar PV Panels were installed on a separate studio found on the property, and they face just a little bit west of due South. The system consists of 24 PV panels, and adds up to 4.4 kW of electricity. This PV system along with the Solar Thermal system of the house zero out the house’s electric bill!

Backdrop: We took a trip to Sebastopol, California to tour the first LEED house on the planet! The house was constructed from the ground up by Paul Rosen, Creator of a contractor and sustainability advisor including North Bay Energy. Surprisingly, the house is so energy efficient the overall annual utility cost is less that ! Cynical? Well we were also, so Paul invited us to tour the house while he described all the different layout characteristics.

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