We know that, in general, a car is a means of transport that serves to transfer humans and goods from 1 place to another.

Apart from that and related measurements, we know that Dimension is an agreement on something that has magnitudes units and others and has a connection between an aspect and other aspects in life.

Thus, if applicable to the measurements, then the car now only has one function that is dimensional. That is the Transport Dimension function.

When there is a car in solar panels, and the electric energy generated is used for other things, it increases the function. That is Electricity function’s Dimension.

This is what I next call a car with multi-dimensional function.

In the introduction of a product or relation to the invention. The product will be in value that is excellent if it has advantages for life. The more benefits that can be accomplished then the higher the value of the product for life.

At this time in regular car only has a role as a means of transportation. But when the measurements of the power plant in add then increase the automobile for life’s purpose so perfect the role of the automobile.

This is the concept of future vehicles. This is the concept car in the next generation. Cars with function. Cars that are able to overcome the world energy crisis.

Welcome to a new era of life.
Welcome the new civilization of humanity all over the world.
Welcome awareness of the importance of energy saving for the survival of life.
Welcome to Millennium III.