I ‘d only four panels in the top left corner of the garage, this year I ‘ve the whole roof last year. This is an East. It was minus 20 c and nothing yesterday. Now it hovered around minus 1 and plus 1 C. Astonishing results, my strategy worked, instead of the snow hitting the shingles and getting stuck all winter I now have a largely self cleaning array. I squandered dollars that were huge in the top left corner that neglected a building review with a professional for panels. My installer talked me into doing a South wall array that I repent bigtime. The custom mounts added the price and lots of expense. I ‘ve 4 panels that perform VERY BADLY at the peak summer months…absolute crap!!! My installers precise words were that I was mad asking for additional braces into each stud…the installer’s were armatures that could not even locate the construction.