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Embracing the move towards renewable energy sources, Kyosemi have revolutionized the design of the conventional solar cell, increasing it’s power generation efficiency and paving the way for advanced uses and a more economical use of raw materials. Sphelar is a spherical micro solar cell, which unlike conventional horizontal solar cells, can effectively exploit reflected and diffused solar lighting as well as direct light from all directions. Every cell, is 1 to 1.5 mm and can be connected in parallel or in series, allowing for a limitless range of shapes and uses such as flexible solar cells, round solar cells, or power-generating windows for offices or buildings while maintaining a certain level of transparency. Also, compared to the manufacturing process for conventional solar cells there is a dramatic reduction in the amount of wasted silicon. “In the process of creating spherical spolar cells, molten silicon is used. It is dripped from an elevated position, and crystallizes as a sphere in mid-air, so using this procedure no silicon is wasted in the production of solar cells.” Kyosemi also have developed the SphelarVoice which is a battery-free wireless audio optical information system which receives information via infrared rays. The SphelarVoice uses a range of LEDs to emit a light signal which is recieved by the solar cells, converted into an electrical signal on the battery-free wireless handset and sent to the speaker.