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Earth Nomads on Steam:

Planet Nomads is a sandbox game of survival through construction. It takes players on a trip across believable alien planets which are big, beautiful and unsentimental. The environment changes as the players traveling around the planet, whether that is an icy pole, sandy hot equator or everything in between.

The journey is full of awe-inspiring sights and experiences, but it is also a dangerous one. Nature poses different threats, through its many beasts and unhealthy conditions such as radiation, poison, heat and cold. Players should seek sources of food and water to stay healthy and strong.

In order to combat the adversities, players should act smart and rely on the technology at hand. As opposed to solving everything with an ever-more strong arsenal of guns and weapons, players should think twice before engaging the armored Godillos or trying to loot animals’ nests for resources. It is about building your own corner in the world and making bold moves to the more dangerous areas of the world through careful monitoring and learning.

Once well fitted for survival, players should roam the whole planet, on the lookout for more valuable materials to advance their technology further.

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