Solar Power has been in use for over 2700 years
Solar Charge Windows apparatus, any Apple, Android.

SolaFolda : Pico is the Lightest, Lowest, Most Economical, Clear Framework Solar Panel in the World
2700 years in the making!

30 Watt weighs 170grams or 6oz.
15 Watt weighs 3.5ounces or 100gs.
Solar charging is supported by both Pico versions: Apple Shuffle, Ipod, Iphone, Ipad, Watch aswell as a number of other apparatus and Windows and Android tablet computers.
Micro USB output signals with Lightning, USB 3.0 support and seperate 12 Volt output signal.
It’s possible for you to tether SolaFolda in parallel or series for bigger, more powerful solar arrays.
Clear frame colour choices: Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Gold, Pink. + Chrome Silver, Black Velvet, and Camo

See our Sola-Folda site

Make a donation and help end energy poverty.

Choices: Pink, Black, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Green, Gold.
+Plus more choices!

In testing to supply the results we needed to go and start making progress in the production procedure SolaFolda pico models are verified.

USD Big Panel
USD Pico Panel

We all can have an opportunity to help:
Approximately one in seven individuals around the world live without electricity

3 Big Panels for 3 or
3 Pico Panels for
1 SolaFolda is going to be given to international aid efforts

USD reduction per referral



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