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I, Robert Smith, reveal you each step. Robert describe in detail about each thing I use and why to use it, or so the video is pretty long.

I am going to be hosting many the video on my own personal server in order to see everything in one take. It’s going to take some time to edit the video, but the more of you that subscribe to the video, the quicker I will try and get it out to you men as it only demonstrates that individuals are curious and understand what I am doing, as I am supplying this video for free unlike some videos you see on YouTube.

The approach I described in this video is only one way to do it, yet, there are a number of ways you’ll be able to construct a solar panel that is custom. Some use plastic or aluminum frameworks, but Robert discovered for a beginner, working with wood would most likely be simpler and more affordable.

Overall, constructing a solar panel could be enjoyment, however there are a number of variables that play into constructing a solar panel, and Robert well have an extreme quantity to learn about it.

So I am hoping that for those needing to take the experience of building their very own solar panel and needing to find out more on the topic of solar power will find this video really useful.

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The video is rather big to prevent from needing to place 7 or 6 parts in 10 minute sections on youtube, I am only going to host in on my server.

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Thanks men!