Greater efficiency solar panels are offered at a lesser cost, invest in old style, single sided, lower efficiency solar panels when new Gen sided. This new PV technology is called Hyper X 2 and it uses bifacial (double sided solar cells) for additional electricity generation as well as an extremely high, up to 21.5% module efficiency.

This innovative technology has existed for the last 6 years but it was consistently regarded as much too expensive to set up. Now due to technical improvements that were new Hyper X 2 Bifacial solar panels may be bought at far lower price than many conventional single sided solar panels.

Instead of boxy seeming 1 1/2 to 2 inch thick framed Gen 1 solar panels, these new higher functionality Gen 2 solar panels are just 1/4 inch thin and are made with a more powerful, see through, glass on glass, frameless, structure that permits sun to pass through and reflect off the roof’s surface, thereby illuminating the backside of the double sided solar cells, generating added power.

The new 300 Watt, 60 cell solar panels which are utilized in Hyper X 2 solar systems offers a better PTC to STC ratio “Real World” performance based on the California Energy Commission’s performance rating listings than over 119 of SunPower’s solar panel versions.

And they provide an extremely high 94.3% PTC to STC functionality ratio. In addition they provide a heat immune -0.31%/degree C temperature coefficient for better operation in warm/hot climates. When it comes to aesthetics, nothing comes close to the panel’s of Hyper X 2 glass on glass, see through, frameless building.

With N-type mono-crystalline bifacial cells for double sided power generation, up to a 21.5% efficiency evaluation, first-class aesthetics, and a cost that outcompetes the solar lease and PPA firm’s offerings, very few products on the market compares to Hyper X 2 Solar.