CHINA is Jealous of INDIAs Economic Ties with AFRICA Egypt Solar Power Plants .

India constructed a Solar power plant in Egypt . India Africa Economic Ties . Narendra Modi plans for Africa began with Egypt Solar Power plant . Xi JinPing has got jealous of India’s ties with Africa . Economic ties between India and Africa has grown stronger . China racing for Africa with India for Economic Projects and OBOR initiative . FDI . India launches solar project in Egypt .

To electrify the distant village of Agaween, near the Libyan border

India has launched a solar project with advanced technology to electrify a remote village in Egypt.

The Solar Electrification Project, an off-grid system that’s ideal for remote locations, has been launched at Agaween village in the Western Desert in Matrouh Governorate, near the Libyan border.

India provided all of the solar panels and sub-systems, machinery, equipment and technical support, in addition to training for technicians, while the Egyptian authorities provided the location for implementation of the project.

The project was inaugurated by India’s Ambassador to Egypt Sanjay Bhattacharyya and Major General Alla Fathi Abou Zeid, Governor of Matrouh.

“The project harnesses the sun and enriches the life of the villagers. The project is a demonstration of India’s technical capacities, particularly in renewable energy, and could be replicated at other locations in Egypt,” Mr. Bhattacharyya said.

The whole output of the project is 8.8 kilowatt. The project has the power to electrify the whole village.

Major General Zeid has stated that the project will not only provide electricity to Agaween village but also give training to workers on how best to maintain and adjust the solar energy systems to help forming groups of well–trained workers in the governorate.

The Solar Electrification Project at Agaween provides electricity to 40 houses, a school, a mosque and a community centre.

China is Jealous of Indias Economic Ties with Africa Egypt Solar Power plant

While China is getting jealous of indias abroad project, China has now planned more for Africa’s Projects in its OBOR or Road and Belt Initiative BIR .
While in a brand new survey XI Jinping has no Trust in African people.

And the Most Recent Sikkim border Issue has made both the countries to jump in Economic battle. Doklam Bhutan North East Issue.

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