What policy will convert Californa into powered state that is 100%?

Could super storm have been prevented?

Does enough sun fall on foggy San Francisco annually to run day-to-day to the entire city?

What’s an acre of farm land, or more strong, a private home with 40 solar panels panels? solar with 4,000

If you’ve 1,000 houses with 40 panels, they’ll reap more energy, making more cash for the 1,000 owners, using the energy where it’s picked, and feeding the excess onto the grid, so there’s less energy lost in transmission, by dwelling harvesting and house use.

Where does all the energy on world come from?

Solar panels now are at 46% efficiency because they are able to use radiation from the visible spectrum and infraRED.

This means solar panels can absorb infrared radiation at night, plus radiation which arrives thru fog, clouds and overcast.