I built a second panel rack. Read full article:

This will power our house and help us reduce the demand for the power grid.

We are currently striving to become self sufficient and fully off the grid on a budget. Wood shop and our electronics store are off the grid.

I wanted to get them on a rack although we’ve been using some solar panels all summer to power things in our house that was small.

The weather was excellent today. So it felt warmer than it had been it was 21 degrees F and sunny.

I place two 4×4 posts into the ground and then leveled off the off while filling the hole back up.

I also made sure that the tops of both posts were level with one another.

Next I built a frame on the ground which will hold the panels.

I then drilled holes for the hinge points in the frame and in the posts. Two large carriage bolts become the hinges for my flexible panel bracket.

I needed to get outside Melanie to help me place the frame on its hinges though since this is quite heavy for me and treated timber to handle.

I then place the two frame pieces in the center. These provide strength to the structure and support the panels themselves.

And then it was time to mount the panels. I got up the two . I had put two pieces of scrap 2×4 as a shelf all to hold the panels I had to was set them into place on the floor.

I used screws and fender washers to hold the panels in place.

Getting the next two panels on was a bit harder but I was able and then fastened them on as well.

I attached my power inverter and extension cable and two of the panels to provide us some power in the small house for now.

I hope to get the generator battery box that is solar completed soon and then join the solar panels.

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