Component 5 – Watch a solar specialist from AS Solar present the best way to install a Do It Yourself (DIY) solar panel kit. With this simple to follow guide, now you can install a roof solar panel system at home!

Here in Part 5 it is time. We begin by showing you about place them and the best way to assemble the panel clamps. After that we join the wiring of the panel to the micro-inverters we installed in Component 4. Up goes the first panel, finger- the second panel, and subsequently tightened. We do not reveal down the closing torquing of the panel clamps – every panel maker has a distinct amount so we did not need to decide a single one.

This section does not reveal the WEEBs under the panels, so here’s the scoop:

Every panel has to have at least one WEEB. This is simple enough should you install them in a zigzag pattern. Therefore begin on one of the end clamps with a WEEB, say the top at one end of the railing.

Now place on the underside middle clamp on the opposite side of the exact same panel, between the panel on the end as well as the second one in.

Now place another WEEB between it as well as the 3rd panel on the different side of the next panel, on the very best middle clamp. Subsequently the lower between the 3rd and 4th, etc.

This ensures not only that each panel has at least one WEEB in the event that you remove the panel beside it, but nonetheless, it grounds the two rails through the panel frameworks.

We do not reveal how to wire the system into the AC power grid or the closing grounding. All these are both jobs for an authorized electrician.