This is the solar powered LED light in the loft in my house.

I used 3 – 16ft/5m natural white LED strip lights to illuminate the loft spaces in my personal house. The LEDs have been working off solar power since soon after setup and were installed in the summer of 2013. Initially I ‘ve a 12V power brick plugged into the wall socket. Once solar power ran into the loft to run my attic fans I hooked it up to the LEDs also.

The strip lights have an adhesive backing and I used that to 1/8″x1″ (3mmx25mm) aluminum strips attached to wooden blocks fitted inside the roof trusses. The aluminum strips help dissipate heat and provide a clean, level surface to stick on the LED strip to.

I use a little electronics box with a 12V headlight relay inside to control the lights. The carton has a switch in case of power failure. For standard functioning, I ‘ve a 12V wall wart that gets turned on with the hall light switch and the relay is turned on by that. I ‘ve that hallway light on a dimmer switch and interestingly, if I dim the hallway light, the wall wart will not activate the relay, so if I just want hallway light, I leave it dimmed and if I want loft light, I turn the dimmer upward. This is like getting two switches in one.

The 3 sequences of LEDs use about 3 amps of DC electricity, depending on brightness.

I do should clean up the wiring at the control box with some of the UL recorded CL2 cable I used for the rest of the system. The lighting circuit is run off a 7.5A fuse in a fuse block to keep the electricity below the 100W NEC class 2 wiring brink for fire safety.

Solar Flares by Silent Partner
Magic Marker by Silent Partner