A lot of scale accessories as well as three sets of Directed Light set ups are put on this particular Jeep SCX10, to finish this off construct once and for all!

Yes you herd me right! Three different Directed set ups function like an actual off road 4×4 jeep! Axial Straightforward LED light control controls the very first on each and every fender for both the front and back LED lights. The second set up another control Trick RC, that come off of the vehicles receiver. Hood fog lights the head lights, as well as the back tail lights are wholly operated off of that one control. The 3rd set up is the vanquish 6″ Led light bar that’s just hooked up to a 3s 1300MAH lipo battery. Witch enables it have the capacity to create a brighter light output and to not empty the vehicles battery faster.

The’s Controller can hold up overly 12 individual Directed lights for almost any set up you might ever imagine and has 7 distinct function on it! They have a flashing light! Look at the set ups located on their site!

The tail light kit were from Dinky RC. They do need cutting and some painting but the over all appearance is astounding! Take a look at the kit below!

In addition to the install of the LED lights, the needed to add some more scale accessories to actually finish this construct! So the purchased several Proline scale accessories packs up, and installed the threw out the jeep. To give more of a realistic feel to it.

Here are the scale accessories packs in this construct, the used -

Scale Accessory Classification #10 – -components/scale-accessory-range-10/

Scale Accessory Range #9

Scale Accessory Range #7

Scale Accessory – Range #1

The am hoping you all enjoyed this video!

Anticipates a few night time crawling videos)

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