- Want to save money on your energy bill? Look no further than your local LED Perth lighting supplier.

LED Visage is a Perth based, owned and operated business dedicated to supply quality LED lighting products for residential and commercial use. For more information, please visit our LED lighting showroom in Canning Vale, Perth.

LED product range: LED light bulbs, spotlights, down lights, ceiling lights and much more to suit every need. All LED lighting products are optimized and tested to ensure our customer’s satisfaction.

Why should I be using LED lighting?
- LEDs use less energy. The first and foremost reason for using LEDs is that they can consume up to 85% less energy than traditional lighting. Less energy consumed is very good for the environment but it is also good for business too. Less electricity usage equals more cash saved.
- LEDs last longer. The average age for a LED light is 10 years. Even then they will only need replacing as their light fades. Over a long period of time their light output gradually dims. They can last longer too; it is dependent upon the application.
- LEDs are much safer – LEDs utilize low voltage (12-24) volts and are less of a fire risk than light bulbs and especially neon lighting. LEDs emit no UV and very little heat so they can be utilised in places where too much heat is harmful.
- LEDs are simpler to maintain. LEDs can be left alone and a quick wipe over once in a while is all they require.
- LEDs are solid state. There is absolutely no filament or glass to break and they are robust even in moist conditions. They can even be used underwater in some conditions.
- LEDs are easier to dispose of. Although there isn’t any true way to recycle them at the moment they are tiny and therefore easier and less damaging to the environment than simply disposing of glass bulbs and gas-filled tubing.
- LEDs are much, much smaller. They can therefore be used in more creative ways than traditional lighting. By way of example lightboxes can be slimmer, LEDs can be even be inserted into acrylic panels for specific applications.
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