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LED Rope Light – Colour Shifting Elastic Rope Light (10M) – Multicolor LED rope light that is adaptive
Adaptive colour-changing LED rope light in 10M span used to illuminate facades, signs, landscaping, windows, doorways, displays, or alternative places that want decorated with light.

When doing ornamental illumination, as it’s many distinct advantages over incandescent and neon, lED Rope Light has gotten popular during the previous couple of years. The principal advantages include;

* Flexible and Unbreakable
* Weatherproof
* Long Lifespan (50,000+ hours)
* No Care Needed
* Multiple Colours Within One Unit
* Great and Easy to Manage (Kid-Safe)
* Energy Efficient

LED Rope Light may be utilized both inside and outside. Programs which are popular for rope lighting contain places where flexible, weatherproof, and brilliant light is required. Typical uses for rope lights contain;

* Summarizing Windows
* Decorating Trees, Landscape Plants, and Bushes
* Screen Highlight
* Illuminating Hints
* Building Architecture Outlines
* Path Light
Gate and Canopy Illumination, * Archway
* Amusement Park and Theatre Mood Light
* Store Facade and Sign Ornamentation
* Waterfall Backlight

The CVHZ-G81 high strength, equally dispersed illumination is provided by. The 8 multiple vivid colour effects generated contain; Twinkle Flash, Slow Glow, Sequential, Chasing, Slow Fade, Resonant Colour Waves, Mix, and Steady.

Setup is easy and extremely fast, you can wind the rope all around your landscape plants, use u shaped design staples to attach it to architecture, or utilize clear silicone gel to attach it real and other surfaces masonry surfaces. No special tools or wiring is needed to install this version of LED Rope Light.

Make your indoor and outdoor spaces glow with this particular Multicolor LED Rope Light. Our version CVHZ G81 is a commercial grade lighting merchandise which is available to you personally at a factory direct cost. It’s in stock order yours now to take pleasure in the advantages of architectural lighting that is affordable!


* Multicolor LED rope light that is flexible
* Weatherproof translucent rope
* May be utilized inside or outside
* Multiple color-shifting effects
* Simple setup

Notes from Ankaka Customer Service

* Can I use this on my palm tree?
Yes. It may be utilized on any any tree. Many size trees can be highlighted by this 10 meter span.
* Can I use this in my house?
Definitely! Proceed in case you would like to make use of it as a mood light in your bar or game room and love it!
How do I install the product?
It’s easy to set up, U shaped building staples/clips can be utilized also as CAT5 design cable mounting clips. Caulk or silicone gel that is clear is, in addition, popular for installing rope light.

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