Measure on set and take a look at the creation of a music video, filmed on location using mobile LED lights and with a team of dancers. A lot of the scenes are lit in scenarios where, traditionally, it’d have been impossible or hard to use lights.

There is a revolution happening in the entire world of lighting. Hot lights continue to be used in lots of scenarios, in studios and for other interior filming, for the filmmaker who needs in order to go fast, fire and light everywhere, and go with no truck-load of gear, the LED lights of now offer versatility and possibility that hasn’t been accessible before.

This music video was filmed in a number of locations, an office, including a barn, by the seaside, and in areas where it is impossible to get AC electricity.

Using the Felloni LED lights, doled out by dedolight, as well as the dedolight DLED4 (simply merely accessible to marketplace), filmmaker Scott Wright, of Dreamshock Design Studios, was competent to fire efficiently, rapidly and together with the minimum of hassle.

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