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91411, Van Nuys CA
Tel: 818-817-6500

Wonka designs, manufactures and markets LED Lighting products. At the beginning of the company, we are dedicated to offer the valuable products, which may realize the actual features of LED green and energy-saving. In this way, it empowers everyone can enjoy the high quality lighting, become the beneficiary of the ecological and energy-saving participant and lighting.

With years of experience in LED, we’ve got a lean, professional and efficient technical team. All of our products are designed with management, optics and structure, which makes sure our LED products can work in applications that were wide as well as in harsh environments for a long time. And this can show the advantages of the LED.

Besides, we are one of the companies started creation of dimmable LED in light industry, and have gained rich experience. The world’s first dimmable LED R30 bulb was created in the workshop, which was patented in USA and China, as well as UL listed of WONKA. We continually developed a series of dimmable lighting products, which have the typical features like stable performance, higher efficiency, no strobe, smooth dimming, higher power factor, low THD, compatible with traditional dimmers, etc… The combination property of our products is obviously better than competitors’ same sort of products, and they’re well received by customers.