This is a short Manual made to show you how to measure, cut and solder LED strip to required specification

Step 1 – Measuring – Measure your LED strip to the required length. You will find that the LED strip has tiny copper ‘pads’ using a scissors icon. Look for the nearest one to your desired length and mark this for cutting.

Step 2 – Cutting – Cut across the center of your chosen copper pad on the LED strip.

Step 3 – Trimming – Trim excess plastic to completely show the aluminum pad on your LED strip.

Step 4 – Alligning – Allign your LED strip with the connector you’re going to attach. This is the identical process for both linking male connectors or female connectors. The jig used in this video consisted of a wooden block which was stuck to a work bench to allow the LED strip to move along and two holders, 1 holder to hold the strip and the other to hold the connector.

Measure 5 – Soldering – Solder each connector pin to the individual point on the coppper pad of the LED strip.

Measure 6 – Securing – once you’ve finished your soldering, remove your LED strip from the jig. Tear off some heat shrink tape and encircle your soldering work, leaving one side of the connector exposed so that it can connect to other LED strip tape.

Step 7 – Testing – Connect your LED strip to a power supply and test!

If you don’t want the hassle of measuring, cutting, soldering and testing your LED strip, then Downlights Direct can provide you with a solution! The made-to-measure LED STRIP FIT range can be especially designed just for you and your needs!

For the full LED Strip Fit array, go to -strip.html for more information.
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