LED Residential Install,
this occupation characteristics our:
1. NEW! “Solid-State” step lights – chief stairs and steps into lounge.
2. NEW! Glass Blade Lights – master toilet entry verticals.
3. NEW! Slab Light – above drinks cupboard in kitchen.
4. NEW! 5no Illuminated/CNC-cut Glass Kitchen Surfaces/Worktops.
5. 6 & coloured Paint Rear mm Mirror Glass in 4toilets.
6. Pelmet Lighting in kitchen and Bathrooms.
7. MegaLED DMX Light Dimmers via HAS Legrand/Btcino (not filmed).

8. Etch Effect Vinyl – 1no Toilet Window & Entry Door.

9. RGB skylight/atrium light (not filmed).

10. Entrance Hall – Flank Downlights.

Whole endeavor designed, fabricated & installed by MegaLED Ltd. All Rights Reserved.