It is getting dark outside so time to fix outdoor garden light! I tested but today I have time to set them up.

Part 1 will be testing the lights and converting them

Component 2 will be connecting the lights to the wall and hooking everything up and last result shots!

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More information about QuinLED and guides tutorials about how to do so yourtself: -lighting-revisit-and-history-of-quinled. html/

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Outdoor Cube Light – or

10 Amp DC-DC step down converter –
10 Amp DC-DC step down converter with fuse –

Automatic wire stripper – or
Type Automatic wire stripper that is other – or

Wire Ferrule kit – or
Ferrule crimp tool – or

3 pin connector block – or
5 pin connector block –

3 pin connector block (transparent version) –
5 pin connector block (transparent version) –

24 volt power supply –
24 volt power supply (Extended strip version) –

PR10 Power Meter EU –
PR10 Power Meter US –

Wonderful Screw driver kit:

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