Professional LED panels are expensive! Just like 0+ expensive! For less than $ 50 a 900 LED panel will be made by us in this video. There is to the price tagthe majority of these components are sourced and can take up to several weeks to enter. That was not a problem, however, as I was not in a rush to get my lights. Just plan accordingly :)

This Panel will have three key attributes:
1. Voltage Dimming – better than your pulse width modulated because it does not flicker. Pulsed LED’s will cause higher speed photography/video flicker or your stop motion.
2. 360 Degree Tiltable Panel – I wanted a panel which could tilt down and up for customizable lighting setups and more dynamic.
3. Lighting Tripod Mount – This will fit in with your existing lighting setup by having the head that is tripod mount as your typical light.

Panel layout

[-- INSTRUCTABLES --] -LED-Light-Panel-for-Video-and-Photography/

[-- PRODUCT LINKS --] LEDS 1 @ .19
-White-3528-SMD-LED-Strip-Light-Non-Waterproof-12V-DC-300-LED-p-77079. html?p=8Q12113516108201601L
If you prefer to find the LEDS off amazon, they are more than double the price: 1 @ .99

A cost increase that is Huge, although to get a better CRI score, check out these:

Voltage Regulator 1 @ .69
-24V-TO-12V-Step-down-LED-Driver-Adjustable-Power-Supply-Module-p-927773. html?p=8Q12113516108201601L
Amazon: 1 @ .99:
22K Potentiometer 1 @ .95

120 Watt power supply 1 @ .14
-5A-120W-ACDC-Power-Supply-Adapter-for-Security-Camera-etc_-p-947659. html?p=8Q12113516108201601L
90 Watt power supply from amazon: 1 @ .08

CCTV Female Power .25
-DC-Power-Female-Plug-Jack-Adapter-Connector-Socket-for-CCTV-Camera-p-39993. html?p=8Q12113516108201601L
CCTV Female Power .99

On Off Switch 5 @ .74
-Mini-Round-Black-2-Pin-SPST-ON-OFF-Rocker-Switch-Button-p-946012. html?p=8Q12113516108201601L
On Off Switch 5 @ .48

Mini Fan 1 @ .49
-x-60mm-x-10mm-12V-4-Pin-Internal-Computer-CPU-Cooling-Fan-Desktop-Cooler-Fan-p-1013295. html?p=8Q12113516108201601L
Mini Fan 2 @ .69


Inspired by DIY Perks’ LED Panel DIY:

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