As this is a whole new course for LED lighting, I am quite excited about this lamp. It uses various LEDs on a cylindrical core to emulate the result of a big torch fire. This would look excellent in a post-top lantern or as component of a minecraft design wall torch. The power consumption when animating is only 2.5W and the LEDs are run at between 10 and 15mA, so they should survive well.
The makers web site is at where you are able to see various programs. I get the sensation the item is really new they are also seeking trading partners. In case the web site goes down then you can get in touch with them by e-mail at

It is definitely going to be fascinating to see how this new type of lamp evolves. It is definitely got potential to be used in theater surroundings, as well as the direct driving of the LEDs means it must even be appropriate for filming and TV programs.

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