Energy Efficiency

“My house does have many energy efficient features such as the double paned windows as well as the tankless water heater. I believe only cumulatively they are simply amazing. My PG&E bill is like half of what it’d have been in my other house.” – Sharan B.

“My favourite energy efficient characteristic of the house is the fact that we get to maintain the AC going all day and it remains extremely cool in here and we do not have a high PG&E bill.” – Nick R.

“It does not take very long before the house is cool, almost too cool, we’ve to turn it down a little bit.” -Shannon R.

“My bill is really low. I can not even believe it!” – Kathy K.

“I have never had a water tank where the water heats up so quickly. I do not feel like I am squandering water.” – Shannon R.

“My favourite energy efficient characteristic of the home is our double paned windows. I say that because in the summer it keeps outside the heat and in the winter time it keeps the cold outside. We see that in our PG&E bill and it keeps our house quite comfortable.” – Deandre G.