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Welcome to episode 60 of the On The Job video show! In this video Larry Janesky, owner and creator of Dr. Energy Saver, shows us a job in which open cell spray foam was used, not as an insulating material, but as a soundproofing option.

The building revealed in this episode is a garage with a finished room above. Both places insulated with spray foam, and were warmed with a radiant heating system, which was showcased on episode 59. The floor over the garage was lined with a glowing obstacle to reflect heat from the radiant heating lines.
Following the room upstairs was completed with hardwood floors, the homeowners were worried about the sound due to folks walking to the floor, when in the garage, which might become.

To stop sound transport between both floors, Larry and his team at Dr. Energy Saver used open cell spray foam to the ceiling above the garage. With a density of just 1/2 pounds per cubic foot, open cell foam has exceptional sound proofing abilities and is really soft.
The video’s evaluation the end, compares sound between a treated part of one and the flooring that had not received the application and there’s a striking difference between both sections.

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