New building tecnology of costruction concrete fortified monolith fire proof wall .
Advanced technology development of Science & Emerging Systems: Use of building energy economy
The advanced technology Fortified insulated concrete forms by formwork blocks thermal acoustic guitar “stay” EPS SmartBlockPlus o ICF for safer living program establishes construction of constructing echo appropriate , layout and landscaping guidelines to raise a brand new house’s opposition to natural disaster from the earth upward. All areas of the world are exposed to one or more severe climate events, including high wind, wildfire, flooding, hail and quake.
Really, the advanced technology of polystyrene foam formwork large-density in blocks thermal acoustic guitar “stay” EPS SmartBlockPlus or ICF ensure the greatest compromise of structural reliability compared with traditional technologies.
Highlights the advantages that can be obtained from utilizing Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) Building.
New proprietary style creating without thermal bridge, Power Efficient “Green” panels polystyrene enlarged are the entire framing and insulating system for the building construction – walls, flooring and roof. The latest generation of structural insulated panels types- maybe not sandwiched. The engineering 100% recyclable. Reduce airconditioning and heat capacity by 1/3. Reduce greenhouse-gas emissions and help in attempts to prevent global warming. The Revolutionary technologies immune to fire, mold, mildew, dampness, bugs (bye termites) and natural disasters hurricanes. No layout and construct limits – even curved partitions! Quick and simple Lego to install – no crane or another setup gear needed. Save on bills-60/90% more power efficient than conventional building. Healty and Secure.
Framing monolith of the new residence the self-construction constructing.
The thermal mass of concrete of formwork thermal acoustic remain in place”EPS SmartBlockPlus or ICF has the following advantages and features:
Energy economy
Delays peak loads
Reduces peak loads
Reduces absolute loads in many climates and places
Works finest in industrial building applications
Functions nicely in residential of creating programs
Works best when mass is uncovered on the inside surface
Works nicely regardless of the positioning of mass
Mass functions nicely in business of creating programs by delaying the peak summer load, which usually happens around 3:00 pm to after when offices start to close. As a precedent, the black-out in the North-East in August 2003 happened at 3:05 pm. A change in peak load would have helped relieve the need and potentially relieved this peak power issue