In this video, Jason Wigboldy shares some innovative fastening solutions to attach mineral wool continuous insulation when using the Knight Wall MFI® Rain Screen Attachment System. As you can see, we’re demonstrating a vertical installation of the Knight MFI System S-Series with 2″ thick mineral wool insulation. The Therma-Bracket-S thermally isolates the cladding in the steel fireplace structure greatly increasing the effective R-value of this continuous insulation. These mounts are installed over the atmosphere and weather barrier at a predetermined spacing and pattern determined by the cladding designer. The vertical S-Rails are then connected to the ThermaBrackets which creates an ideal cladding attachment substrate. Ahead of the cladding attachment mineral wool insulation panels have been fitted between the rails. The S-shaped design of this Therma-Bracket-S allows the mineral wool insulation to be inserted behind the rail on one side of this S-Rail bay. The insulation is pressure-fitted into the opposite side of the bay, and can be permanently secured with simple solutions from Rodenhouse Inc.. It’s important to ensure the insulation panels against the structure to maximize insulation efficiency and to avoid sagging or shifting of the insulation over the lifespan of the building. Simple insulation attachment solutions from Rodenhouse Inc. include the Thermal-Grip® ci prong washers with Grip-Deck® ci ceramic coated self-drilling screws. Another choice is the Thermal-Grip® Impaling Pin Fastener which is mechanically connected to the steel fireplace while the drier helps seal the atmosphere and weather battier penetration. A third option that does not penetrate the air barrier is the Grip-Plate® Corrugated Strap that is connected to the Vertical S-Rail. Following the Insulation is inserted the strap is bent and rotated into place to permanently fasten the insulation against the atmosphere and weather barrier. For flat S-Rail software, or for when the ThermaBrackets are taller than the depth of the insulating material just like you see here, we urge permanent attachment of the mineral wool with our 3″ dia. Grip-Lok® Hurricane drier and Grip-Deck® ci ceramic coated screws. The large diameter washer prevents crushing of the insulation and can span the joints between insulation panels to help minimize fastener penetrations and thermal-bridging.

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