Rockwool insulation is our favorite for bathroom remodeling.
This movie shares 3 reasons to use it.

Reason #1: Rockwool has soundproofing qualities.

I get up early and do not want to wake up my family.
We installed Rockwool inside all the interior walls within our master bathroom.

Reason #2: Water Resistant

Rockwool doesn’t lose R-Value when exposed to vapor or water. There is always a certain amount of water vapor that gets in toilet walls. Traditional insulations will lose their R-Value with time, but this isn’t the case with Rockwool.

Reason #3: Fire Resistance around 2150 Fahrenheit

Rockwool is made from basalt and slag. This makes it fire resistant as you’ll see in the movie.

This is great because Rockwool will hopefully stop a fire from quickly spreading inside a house. Thus, giving you and your family time to escape.

Watch our video to see presentations of all 3 reasons