Ressichem was created in 1999 since its beginning over a decade past, we’re proud to cater to the demands of the construction industry offering quality products produced at our state of the art plant sourced from the finest in USA and Germany. Raw materials for our products are sourced from quality providers world-wide. Ressichem takes pride presenting various systems and construction materials which can cater to many demands of the construction industry. They comprise:

1. Dry Mix Mortars / Premix Plasters
2. Epoxy Floorings
3. Building Insulation
4. Ornamental Concrete
5. Building Care and Upkeep
6. Grouting and Tiling Stuff
7. Epoxy Adhesives and Coatings
8. Specialization Products
Backed by a completely equipped lab at our own premises with a team of chemists and competent engineers. Ressichem carries our standard evaluations to preserve quality of finished products for various building programs. Vigorous onsite quality and support systems solve building issues, in addition to allow for preserving the quality of our products. In our attempt to optimize customer satisfaction, our specialized staff directly coordinate with customer to offer merchandise assortments, exceptional services and trouble shoot on building issues where needed.

Running on a customer first doctrine, Ressichem has carved its name in the demanding needs of the construction industry, by offering world class service in meeting customer requirements via strict quality control and quality making of products. We consider that the priority we attach to the customer and the responsiveness needs and their gratification has played a critical part in our incredible increase up to now.