Discover how SpotClip-Kit helps you safely install the recessed downlights widely used in industrial and office buildings.

Downlights are becoming increasingly more popular because their mild accents contribute to the overall ambience of a room or space. Even LED downlights installed in insulated drywall structures can suffer from overheating, shortened lifespans and become a fire hazard.
SpotClip products help ensure that the lighting installation complies with safety and energy efficiency requirements by reducing the risk of fire or heat damage.
SpotClip-Kit downlight covers help maintain a safe distance between recessed spotlights, vapour barriers and insulation materials.

What is more, this smart lighting accessory is fast and simple to install in offices and industrial buildings with no need for specific tools. It may be installed during or after construction, from above or below.
As the name implies, SpotClip-Kit can be constructed flexibly to suit the dimension of distinct recessed spots.
SpotClip-Kit consists of three legs and a mounting plate. The legs are available in two different lengths:

► SpotClip-Kit 150 is suitable for downlights with a diameter from 100 mm up to 270 mm and with a maximum height of 140 mm.
► SpotClip-Kit 240 is suitable for downlights with a diameter from 170 mm up to 310 mm and with a maximum height of 230 mm.

See how SpotClip-Kit could be installed in suspended ceiling tiles when blended with SpotClip-Plate:

► Additional SpotClip product information here: -covers-spotclip

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