In the California heat, my wood shop was HOT! Time to insulate the garage door… 1.5″ thick foam that won’t bend… Fitted, taped and adjusted the weight balance of the door as well.

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A word of caution (The legal bit) – Adjusting your garage door springs can be dangerous which we’re positive you know already.

You must always follow the manufacturer’s guidance. When correcting your spring, be very careful, it’s under tension and could seriously injure you or someone nearby if it’s allowed to recoil. Only try to adjust your spring if you’re competent and powerful enough to do so safely. Make sure your 1/2″ round bars fit into the holes securely (all the way in) before discharging the springs. Make sure your round bars are long enough to quickly adjust the tension springs and that you’re well supported as you work.

You should always consult and adhere to the garage door (or spring) producer’s guidance when attempting such a process.

If you try to do this yourself you do so at your own risk. This video isn’t an official manufacturer how to movie and must be treated as we planned, purely for amusement.