The following is a brief video on ways to insulate your home with ease. Perfect for tenants or those on a budget. INSTRUCTIONS BELOW!

Windows allow for sunlight, which can heat your home, but they’re also terrible insulators as heat escapes through windows which makes for cold living environments.

DIY double glazing at home can cure this heat loss, and its simple and cheap to achieve. Watch the movie, and follow the directions below, you will be warm and cosy in next to no time.

You’ll need the following:

Heat Shrink Plastic Wrap (Available in Various sizes)
Measuring tape
Hair Dryer
Double Sided Tape (We recommend you buy an extra roll of tape as we ran out when doing our windows)
Cloth and window cleaner

How to install the film insulation step by step:

1. Clean the window frame, and the window itself. Some folks suggest cleaning the frame with alcohol.

2. Next, assess the window to the plastic sheet.

3. Cut the plastic sheet to the size of this window and add 5cm to both the width and length. This is to ensure an adequate match on the window frame, you will cut off the extra sheet later.

4. Place double sided tape around the window frame, press firmly to allow it to stick.

5. Then, take off the backing the double sided tape.

6. Attach the plastic film to the window FRAME, not the glass itself. Restick and stretch to find the film evenly distributed.

7. Gently run the back of a spoon over the taped areas to ensure that the plastic sheet and the tacky tape have bonded sufficiently.

8. Now use a hair dryer to gently blow warm air over the widow, thereby eliminating creases and curves from the plastic. It should appear smooth like glass.

9. Finally, take your scissors and carefully cut away any excess plastic on the window frame.

And that, is, it.

Within a few minutes you have double glazed your window, ensuring minimal heat loss, and maximum heat.

Repeat this process on numerous windows in your household, paying special attention to the rooms you spend the majority of your time in.

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