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Ecotherm PIR Rigid Insulation Board 50mm

Polyisocyanurate (PIR), the cornerstone of rigid insulation boards, is a substance that has been invented in 1937 and has been used as an insulation material ever since. When compared with conventional insulation materials rigid insulation boards (RIBs) provide more advantages over other conventional insulation materials.

SIZE – 2400mm x 1200mm

Cost saving
EcoTherm® insulation is a rather compact material. Therefore lots of money can be saved on transport and storage compared to conventional insulation materials. Its low weight also lends itself to modern methods of construction and lighter, less costly supporting structures.

Lifelong value

PIR substance includes a lifelong value. Your return on investment is redeemed after just a couple of years.

Durable value

EcoTherm® guarantees an insulation value for each of its products for 10 years. Upon installation; new EcoTherm® products really surpass this guarantee to do above and beyond our own warranty. Wide experience, supported by accelerated lab tests have proved that PIR rigid insulation boards are amongst the most durable construction solutions. They will not rot, shrink or absorb moisture, or rust as some fibre board or organic insulation materials may, and so they will deliver design insulation values throughout the complete life of the building.