Energyflo’s Dynamic Insulating Material technology empowers contractors and designers to satisfy today’s ever-growing demands for energy-efficiency and carbon decrease.

An easy building-material option, Dynamic Insulating Material readily incorporates the insulating material and ventilation system to get the heat energy escaping through the building material and pre-warm incoming atmosphere.

Designed for traditional thin wall building, Dynamic Insulating Material provides the Uvalues, SAP DER points and Carbon Decrease to help satisfy all 2010 through 2016 regulations in one simplified process which is free from care and sophisticated ventilation systems or addon technologies.

- Better material U values per unit of insulating material depth
- Provides SAP DER points and Carbon Decrease
- Simplified building-material option that readily incorporates insulating material and ventilation
- Designed for conventional thin wall building techniques
- Reduces condensation threat and enhances indoor air quality