I’m building an insulated box for my battery bank that is off grid. This will be a type of powered generator sitting out my grid tiny home that is off.

I built a frame. Then I filled the frame with insulation and put plywood.

I put plywood on the other side, sealing off this battery box’s floor.

Because the wood is moist and full this took some time. So it is worth the work I got it for free.

I cut all the bits I needed for the battery box side wall framing up.

By now it was dinner time and getting dark so I was it for the day.

But after dinner I fired up the generator and went back out because my off grid solar drop battery bank is reduced.

All of the wood ripped . This was lumber I got for free.

I was given 2×3 lumber by this.

Before calling it a night, I put the box together.

Insulate the box and I need to put siding on the box walls. Build an insulated cover for them.

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