Is the temperature in your living room uneasy? Are soaring energy bills burning a hole in your wallet? Are you trying to decide which Attic Insulation Options are right for your budget, savings, and comfort?
Hereʼs the 6 most popular choices in hot climates like Austin Texas:

Without proper attic insulation: heat comes from the sun, through the roof, attic, ceiling, and in your living room. Your AC ducks warms up also raises the temperature of your air.

#0 No Insulation

#1 Some Insulation

How much insulation is in your loft: 0, 6, 4, 13, or 17 inches?

#2 Proper R38-60 Insulation

This lowers the heat transfer between areas and the loft.


Vents allow trapped burning air move from the attic

#4 = #2 + #3 Fan + Radiant Barrier

Add attic fans and radiant barrier to mimic spray foam and reflect heat, to decrease scolding hot loft temps.

#5 Spray Foam – Open Envelope

Foam cubes all 3 kinds of heat. Foam applied to the roof attracts attic temps . This allows your HVAC system to be effective and more efficiently. With spray foam applied to the roof decking, thereʼs No need for attic fans, radiant barriers, or extra vents.

Spray Foam – Sealed/Closed Envelope

A spray foam sealed envelope has water heater and HVAC requirements for safety & air.

Envelopes deliver max comfort and energy savings. Temps are only a few degrees different than areas.

Want to learn more?

To dive into the specifics of differences, costs, benefits, and much more about the 6 loft insulation options go to Check out our blog post on it, and download your ebooks.